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If you wish to get hosting here please contact me here.  I have a Linux server with a hosting panel (Webmin/Virtualmin...it's like cPanel that other professional places use) and it's quite simple for me to add new people.  I don't have any particular constraints for what you do, but know that if it gets me any sort of takedown notice, I will take down any offending content myself (i.e. music, anime downloads, etc).  You can host simple sites, forums, Wordpress Blogs, Joomla sites, whatever you'd like.  You'll automatically receive a mySQL database upon account creation.  The only request is that you don't use TOO much bandwidth or space on the server.  Granted, I can expand the amount of space on the server if need be, I'd generally prefer for people to not use the entire gigabyte of space I allot them.

When you email me, I will contact you back for details on the hosting.  Feel free to send me a link to your current site, if you wish, and I'd be glad to take a look and see if I'm capable of hosting it.  I can host actual domain names (your own dotcoms) and I can now do it without a port number at the end (just a regular kitfwi.com type deal).  If you do not have a domain, I will create a subdomain for you based on your username (i.e. wab.kitfwi.com or something to that effect).  The hosting makes a great place to host banners, personal files, pictures, etc (though if you're really just using it for pictures, just use IMGUR).

If you are selected for hosting you will receive:

  • PHP Support
  • A mySQL database
  • Max of 1GB of space.  Limits will most likely start lower than this unless you really need it
  • Any new secure server technologies that I install will also be available for you to use

If there is any sort of server technology you might need, talk to me and I may be willing to set that up.  It's actually quite simple for me to do in most cases, so you'd be surprised at the response you may get.  I love messing around with my server and would be more than happy to try and help you out.  I make backups roughly once a week and this means about half an hour of downtime while I do it.  I'm shooting for a weird time on Sunday for it for the least impact.  If you have any OTHER questions, again, feel free to ask.  My server has roughly 5mbit of upload capacity which ends up working out to about 600k/s or so when you download from me.  It can burst higher than that too, so smaller downloads will most likely go even faster.  This will all obviously depend upon the amount of traffic on my server, which is admittedly not much most of the time.

So that's most of what you should need to know.  Shoot me an email and in most cases I'm more than willing to set you up.  It's ridiculously simple for me to do.